Thursday, May 29, 2008

A tribute to the Penjaga Tas

aziz, me and dikky in 1st year.
SHIT kurus gile aziz!we weren't together then =)

have we ever NOT camwhored together?
note the same then unsigned now DUTA cap.

The WAJIB go to annual deepavali nite.
and yes, dikky's always the best dressed guy there.

We weren't that close in 2nd year but again the NEVER fail deepavali nite pic.

then on 16th may 2008 i basically chucked my bag at him and went screaming when so7 got on stage. The only reason dikky came was because me and kuden was so excited.
he helped us take the photos too.
and we didn't even ajak him to join us.

public apology from me and kuden!!!!
and dont forget MOI when you're in FRANCE=)

(yes i am shamelessly bodek-ing you)

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