Thursday, May 29, 2008

A response to a belated occasion

tone of post : i am not pissed pissed.more like cynically giving friendly advice.

it kills me to see people who are assholes yet live in this delusion that they are not.
it fucking kills me that some of the people around them don't see that.

there has to be some reason behind the fact that everyone else hates that ONE guy right?
does it make sense that everyone is just jealous of that ONE guy?
does it make sense that everyone is just stupid and doesn't understand that ONE guy?

fuck obligations. fuck loyalties.
just because your friend is friends with an asshole doesn't mean you have to be friends too.
in fact i kinda think it becomes your responsibility to let them know.
i know i would want to know.

you know how there are always two sides to every story?
its not just the sides, there's the depth too.
and trust me kid, you have no idea how DEEP.
do your homework.

i hope you guys don't learn the hard way.
it's never pretty.

there is no shame in staying out of the fight.
but i already picked my side.

my side includes the guy who went to hug and congratulate the other team for winning.
my side includes the guy who respected the referee's call.
my side includes the guys who acknowledged the cantik and fair goals.
i heard them.
not the guy who went on screaming even after the game was over.
not the guy who calls the other team rude animal names.
not the guy who involves other people's parents in his insults.
and definitely not the guy who practically embarrassed all us Malaysian students in front of the other visiting Malaysians.
i heard him.

no offense to anyone reading this. it is my opinion. and its not just because my bf happens to be in the other team.
you might share it or you don't.
you might walk away enlightened or hating me.
i do not care.
i will take full responsibility for every fucking word.

1 comment:

KarMa said...

I totally agree on you on this nadiah..
its better not to learn the hard way i did n i wouldn want anyone else experiencing it not now not ever..\b open..b smart..decide for yourself not listen to just One..