Monday, April 14, 2008

Just a thought

I like to think that I am unpredictable.
That that is the reason why people try not piss me off.
That that is the reason why I make an awesome friend, but a really bad enemy.

I had some drama happen to me some time back involving a skinny bacul two-faced sangke bagus loser.
Note: I did not use bitch purposely.Tis a word too good for her.

My glory mean days have passed, methinks.
Nowadays, I just feel kesian half the time.
Don't get me wrong, I would so still like to see her cry.
I don't bitchslap, if there's gonna be a fight, I will be punching.
Cue taekwondo instructor's voice reminding me to not abuse my skills, it is only for self defence!

After all, what you give you get back right?

On another note,I really miss tkd. I just realized what a major part of my childhood it was. For those of you who dont know, my mother believes in a very well rounded upbringing. All my siblings enroll in plenty of extra activities even before we go kindy.

What do I miss about tkd?
I miss the kicking.
I miss the sandbags.
I miss the satisfied sweating.
I miss my belt-buddies who used to make me laugh everytime we hold a stance.
I miss seeing Spencer and Shamim get punished for being monkeys.
I miss the twins who was forever offering me a drink during fasting days.
I miss usually being the only girl. Make that Malay girl.
I miss that koko who paid special attention to me because of the above reason.
I miss the TTDI cendol my dad will always take me to after class.
I miss the Swensen's my mom would treat me especially because I fasted and went tkd.
I miss how Nadhirah would bug my mom for Ayamas chicken pies.
I miss that nice uncle in Kancilmas who would let me read R.L Stine for free.
I miss the awed look of guys when they realize a chick is their senior in class.
I miss seeing cute guys jaws fall open when they realize I am not just any other girl.Haha
I can beat them up properly.With technique.=)

Hmmmph.Maybe I should retake the classes.

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