Wednesday, April 9, 2008


KurtKuden, the "Average Joe" from The Fashionista Diaries would like you all to decide his fate!!

What do you want to see happen to him next week?
A haircut?
Pore shrinking?
More dress-up advice?
Etiquette lessons?
Ballroom dancing?
Culture/sophistication improvement?

Let your imagination run wild.Comment here please.


Kurt Kuden said...

hurmm.. i vote 4 all..
he looks so tempting

akma nurain fairuz said...

hahahahaha.hampeh tol kuden nih ckp utk diri sendiri.gila glamer sungguh!!hahahaha

Dikky Prawiratama said...

i vote to kill kuden

Muhammad Haneef Azme said...

Culture / sophistication please...

ayu said...

ballroom dancing pleaseeeeeeeee!