Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scary shit


18 minutes into the 2nd cd of hairspray, I finally realized why tweens go ga-ga and are obsessed with repeating and singing "We're all in this together" and "Breaking Free".
Yes, from High School Musical la!
Anybody who knows a normal tween will surely understand.
To tell you the truth, I thought cd1 was pretty boring.
But then "Without Love" totally converted me.
I then proceeded to repeat the song at least ten times.Heh

I solemnly swear NOT to scream at my sister anymore when she repeats HSM's OST for the umpteenth time

All because of...................!

Omigod my goodness! Am I NO BETTER than a tween??
*Screams inwardly and cringes in horror*

I think it is just one of those movies that grows on you.
Hey, it takes a lot of willpower to resist James Marsden's charming smile and SeaweedELIJAH KEELEY's awesome moves/voice ok.
I also have no idea if all the cast actors sing their own lines or they have voice doubles.

Michelle Pfeiffer is perfect as the bitchy will-stop-at-nothing mom of Amber and Christopher Walken as Tracy's adorably blur dad.
John Travolta is pretty impressive too.
I usually hate Amanda Bynes and Zac Efron, but I gotta say in this musical they suit their parts to a tee.
Do take time to listen to the songs played during the credits!!
My personal faves are "Cooties" and "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now".

Credits to Balvin for introducing me to this phrase.

*Still humming and feet's-a-tapping!*


ayu said...

"but now i've tasted chocolate and i'm never going back..."


NKxvii said...

Seaweed yoy're my black white knight,i vow my blue eyed soul....!