Wednesday, April 2, 2008

infamous=) this is what it feels like to be infamous.=)

Dear someone and whatever,

Well, you people do have a point.Maybe I do not know her well enough because I fail to see how she warrants all that loyalty.No, I do not blog about her because I admire her, if you look carefully you will see it is listed under peeves.Which means she pisses me off.Not in that britney spears kinda way either.

Thing is, I have always thought that I am fair.
I do not simply make statements and assumptions, I observe both sides/parties involved in any story.Even if its just idle gossip, I am sure I have friends who will vouch that I always attempt to come up with an alternative explanation to the story.
But I do know my vices,mind you.
I have a horrid temper and the ability to not care if people hate me.
I often have the upper hand when it comes to war-of-the-mouth which I credit to spending five years in an all girls boarding school where people scream,slap and swear at you almost weekly because frankly speaking, I can be quite fearless when I think I am right.
And I have a knack for being right.
I would screw my own friends if I think they are wrong so I think you can imagine what I would do to someone who does not mean anything to me.
Fyi,I expect no less from my friends.

On the other hand,I would like ALL of you to consider the fact that what I am doing is just providing you with the other side of the story.
Does it not warrant ample consideration?

Ok subtitles in normal speaking language aka BM campur.I do not have accented BM y'all!

Sebenarnye korg ade jugak point yg valid.Nampak sgt aku mmg x kenal die sbb aku x dpt nak phm kenape die deserve loyalty yg mcm tu sekali.Aku xblog psl die sbb aku admire die, cube tgk betul2 listing tu under ape.Peeves tu maksudnye bende yg menimbulkan sakit hati.And x same mcm aku benci Britney Spears.

Aku rase aku selalu fair.
Aku x penah wat/agree statement secare melulu.Kalau setakat gossip biase pun konpem aku akan tgk dr side 2-2 pihak.Kalau x caye cube tanye kwn2 aku.Aku mesti come up ngan conclusion lain yg maybe betul gak.
Plus aku tau sgt weaknesses aku.
Baran and x peduli kalau org lain benci aku.Sure ni sbb 5tahun dok asrama sume pmpn.Every week pun ade jek sesi lecture dimane kene jerit,marah,tampar etc.
Kalau aku rase aku betul, bende lain akan take back seat.Kwn2 aku sendiri pun aku marah kalau aku x setuju dgn ape dieorg buat, ni kan lg org yg x mean ape2 to me la kan.
Fyi, aku expect bende yg same dr dieorg gak.

Aku harap korg realize yg aku bg korg the other side of the story.
X perlu tau/difikirkan gak ke?

Ps: I have called her worst names in my other post.But I think in that context of the moment,it is well deserved.Other people who disagree are welcome to contest it, but I warn you you better have a VERY good reason to say that the loss of someone's parent is less of a bigger issue.I happen to think that I am so-very-right on this one.


Anonymous said...

sometimes i wondered why people hate her so much
but that again i belive it wasn't all about jelousy
but trust me
it's pointless trying to talk to someone who is.. er...
love herself too much, selfish
it's just in the matter of time
she'll realize that life is not easy

NKxvii said...

thanku for the thought