Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Justified Irritance

How is it that some people can be so self-absorbed that they seem to think petty little problems are as major as they like to make it out to be?
And i mean petty.
Take a minute and think about people who are not that well-off.
Whose parents took loans, sold houses, sacrifice their life savings to get their beloved son/daughter through med school.
The grey hairs.The worry wrinkles.The old rickety furniture that should be changed.The old beat-up Datsun that has seen better days.
And the son/daughter who skips lunch to make their allowance last,knowing all that.
Who declines to go home knowing the airplane fare could be used for another priority.

Yet they stay.To achieve their dreams of being a life-saver one day.
Just to see the proud beaming face of their parents at the end of it all, satisfied that it was all worth it.
Just to help make a better future for their family.
How is that even comparable to your itsy.bitsy.little.puny problem?
And for heaven's sake we just had a classmate who lost his mother.
(Al-fatihah to Arif Iskandar's mom who passed last Sunday morning)
Other people have bigger issues.

Get over yourself,bitch.
Yes,you,you skinny dumb attention-seeking bitch.
And for the record, I am sure a lot of people would not give a rat's ass if u decide to leave.

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