Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vantage Point

Please.I beg you.WATCH IT!
I was literally at the edge of my seat for the entire movie.
I could not unglue my eyes from the screen.
My heart was pounding all the way.
In short-Awesome!
One of the best movie I've watched in awhile.
And I love love love the ending.
Will post my take later.I would not wanna risk kene baling kasut from people who hate spoilers.
Not that anything could spoil it(said by Sharif).

WARNING: someone I personally know actually vomited after this movie.People who easily get nauseous watching spinning or fast rewinded stuff should bring a barf bag.STOP laughing.


The Banker said...

hey, ur link to kerp(phd) is broken, u put in http:// twice. u might want to take a look at that,cheers.

ohh, thanks for linking me too!

Kurt Kuden said...

hehe.. tapi kan, bourne lagi buat aku tahan napas lebih lame haha

indiana jones plakkk yeay!

NKxvii said...

hahaha yes kuden aku ingat car scene tu=)
yes2 cant wait
harrison ford my hero

thanx banker!