Thursday, April 3, 2008

waiting for friday

Only one more day of coming-back-in-the-afternoon classes then i get to spend a lazy Friday.though there is that meeting to go to at 1pm.
Then Clinical Pathology exams on Saturday and Physio after.
Massive eating due to happen that night!
Cant wait!!

Btw peeps,Adrian got admitted in Panti Rapih because of dengue.
Messages and get well soon wishes are welcomed but visits will have to be coordinated and regulated.He has family here la.Anybody who doesn't have his number can ask me.

When I got sick,it was so very okay for you all to come harass me because I was so bored.=)
No, I have no pics of me at that time because I looked so awful.
Thanku all.I still remember okay.

Payal, Balvin who tido hotel.
Geetha who gave me her biscuits to eat if I ever got hungry.
Aziz for dragging me to the hospital and helping me make my decisions.
Aini for the jus jambu yg sedap gile.
and Mohan who brought boxed versions of the jambu juice.
Guna who smuggled me nasik goreng pedas when I was feeling better.
Swarna for her biskut kelape ROMA.
Kuden,Belle,Pong,who ate it all.
Especially Pong yg gile lahap nak abeskan food org saket.
Dikky, Maya for saving me from crazy boredom.
Has bawak buah.
Babies with updated gossip.
SUJEN just for coming to see me.=)
Arif,Hasnul,Anep,Haneef,Gana,Dina and everybody else who also came and without doing anything specifically embarassing or funny.
Anybody else i missed?Do tell.I had DHF.I think I'm allowed to forget some stuff.Heh.

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