Monday, April 7, 2008

The Fashionista Diaries

Meet Dikky. A self-proclaimed fashionista metro-man, he has made it a personal crusade to help out the "average Joes" of the world. No matter what your crisis, no matter how far you've fallen, he will be there to grant you absolution from the sins of BAD DRESSING.
Our Average Joe for today: KurtKuden, begging for a makeover from the fashion guru.
And the guru's reaction to the Average Joe's dressing before.
Immediately ordering Kuden to change into a khaki polo tee because black is oh-so-boring, he then whips out his very own blue and white striped cardie, and proceeds to dress Kuden.
"Now you can see how a simple play on complimenting colours brings does wonders for his skin," says Dikky. "Hmmm..we will need to work on those pores later," he states.

Pores? My,my, who would have noticed but the guru??
Kuden marveling at the reaction (unseen) of some girls observing from afar. "Its amazing!One simple addition and I am already getting noticed," he exclaims almost tearfully.
And the end result....................

Isn't the happiness just radiating from his every pore?(pun intended)
Pictures of KurtKuden thanking the guru with all his heart and soul was decided to not be released as it may be perceived as unsuitable for younger audiences.

Do you have a question on what to wear to impress girls? Do you want to know how to turn normal workwear into casual chic? Do you want to experience the same transformation as KurtKuden?
Email us at and you just might get lucky.

Tune in next week same time same place to see what happens to KurtKuden's pores.


ayu said...

hail the Dikkys of the world!

Anonymous said...

Still look like a nerd to me lol