Friday, April 4, 2008

Due warning.

I started getting buzzes around 4+.
I was already staring open mouthed at the screen.

I DID NOT want it to come to this, but she asked for it.
Bitch,life as you know it will end tomorrow and I dare anyone to try and stop me.

I might be partial to an apology though.Even if it was just to Aziz.
Fucking apologies on a fucking blog entry at the bottom of a pathetic attempt to shift the attention does not count.

Otherwise, trust me it will not be pretty tomorrow.
You just crossed the line.Shifting the blame to my boyfriend is the stupidest idea you could have possibly had.
And all you fuckers who wish to call me names are welcomed.In fact,I recommend it.It adds fuel to the furnace I already got on max temperature.

The next person to tell me "You have to fight fire with water" will get some too.Everybody gave her a chance.
It didn't work.
And you know what you do to a burning building that is beyond salvation?You help it crumble.Piece by piece.


NKxvii said...

doesn't anybody recognize the genius of my analogy?hehe

silent.. said...

yOu hav everyOnes suppOrt la..
i mean 3 years she's been blOgging away n nO 1 said nethin..nOt a single wOrd tO all dat she has written..den y dOes it hurt her tO read sOme elses blOg tO wat dey hav tO say..y tibe-tibe serang yOu fOr nOe reasOn..n if it reli was just a blOg war between yOu bOth y she brings in unwanted Old tO what she has said KARMA..its visiting her nOw.. =)
truth always wins.. =)

misch suzi iryanti fadilah said...

gettin angry gets u nowhere..
but dat gal really such a biatch..
every single words of hers
causing our earth to get hotter..
im juz one of her blog readers

p/s:fren of loot..loot aku sygg ko wei..nant kt akhirat share kite bg 2!!hahahaha~

just a friend said...

macam mane nak tau setiap tindakan kite adalah tepat?sedangkan mase buat keputusan sngt byk faktor yang akan pengaruhi kite.

rasionalnye kamu yang membaca/memerhati(termasuk aku yang menulis),kamu akan ckp bodohnye tindakan dia.

tapi die yang dalam perkiraan nak buat keputusan tak nampak kebodohan diri.kalau die nmpk pun die buat2 x nampak.tekanan yang perlu die tanggung.korg x nampak kan.biasela kan.mulut org.

so macam mane nak tahu?sedangkan emosi itu permainan diri.

others dont make u inferior if u urself x buat diri u sendiri jd inferior.

oke2.tu bukan cerite pokok.

dia jarang senyum.masalah pada kamu kan?
dia jarang bercakap dengan kamu.masalah juga pada kamu?
dia x suka org-org yg bergaul dgn kamu,masalah juga kan?
kamu tak suke dia,masalah juga kan?

kamu suka berkawan.tapi dia tak suka berkawan dan meluaskan pergaulan.
jangan salahkan sesapa.dan jangan buat sesapa rasa serba salah.

kamu boleh berbeza pendapat tp jgn berpecah belah

dan lagi satu.aku tahu jadi seorang doktor/dentist bukan mudah dan tak hairanlah kamu terlalu bangga akan title kamu.
tapi,aku tetap tak pandang kamu setinggi-tinggi kejadian.

oke.sedikit merapu.terime je la kan?

NKxvii said...

just a friend:
aku xpenah buat statement ape2 psl being a medical student.rasenye xdek kene mengene dgn ape die buat n ape aku akan buat
fyi,i would react the same goddamn way no matter what course i'm taking now.

senang cite mcm ni jek.u read back wat u wrote then why cant u tell her the same thing?bende yg apply kat aku xbleh apply kat die ke?

she started it.
we gave her a chance nak berbaik.
she blew it.
wat else can i do?
i m only human too.
one with a MEGA temper.

i m still giving her a chance.
all she has to do is go apologize to aziz,ARIF(whos mum's tahlil she dint go to),and other girls die dh backstab.
if i dont hear of it by tomoro,she's so gonna get it.
kejam sgt ke?
and if u think tat makes me an inferior then so be it.
i happen to think that its high time sumbody shattered her pretty lil fake blog world.

so i m bitch.
live with it.

NKxvii said...

i dont hv a problem w her not wanting to talk to me or etc.
i have a problem that she has no self-dignity/x tahu malu nak join us after everything she said.

get ur facts rite please.

NKxvii said...

silent n misch:

thanx for the thought hahaha
but i think its about time sumone tells her off on the face
we could all do with a reality check sumtime=)

misch suzi iryanti fadilah said...

u r welcome..
i've linked u already..
so,easy easier easiest
to drop by next tyme..hahahahaha..
glee pns bgosiippp..
gare2 loot sk share dgn i la nih..

The Banker said...

i smell the winds of war, hehe

melia said...

Oh wow. So drama filled lah your life. HAHAHA. And whoever that is, is going to get one hell of a beating (in whatever form). Uhhh. TEAM NADIAH! :D

I damn sesat but nak join jugak! *grabs popcorn* :D

NKxvii said...


its so juvy.and embarassing.
but i am not the type who takes direct insults sitting down=)

and anger is so inspiring

Anonymous said...

burn baby burn,
that's a fucking rocking awesome brit rock song from ASH.

"almost to the point of no return, everything will BURN BABY BURN! look into my tired eyes, see someone you don't RECOGNIZE. bounds that can't be untied oh this is slow suicide..."


NKxvii said...

it figures.most cool phrases used widely today are from songs.
will try downloading it thanx