Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ashopaholicsden is giving away AliceWonders.com bag for free!

Ok, so here goes. I know for a fact that I suck at making up slogans. That is usually the reason I have never entered any competition that requires one.

But based on Balvin's motivation and the simple fact that I'm bored and currently internet is the only thing that's keeping me sane, I decided to check it out.

And now I'm committed.

I LOOOOOVE the bag!!

Inspired by Marc Jacobs Little Miss Marc Bag.

Everybody, meet Little Miss Marc.

The Anti-It Girl.

She has humongous eyebags, she is not skinny, and she has a zipper for a mouth.

She has unstyled hair and a bad fringe.

She is perfectly imperfect.

I can soooooooo totally relate.

Me needs a designer inspired bag from AliceWonders.com because...

...its high time somebody lets an antihero into the spotlight. I will proudly carry her around and shove her under the nose of everybody and anybody baiting them to comment that all girls should be magazine/ads/Kate Moss thin and sport porcelain flawless skin and have long perfect locks. I would then use her to smack the sense into those people that dare to think that otherwise, no girl is beautiful and worthy.

The last thing they would see before they pass out is Little Miss Marc's beautiful red unzipped lips smirking.


So, without a doubt, she is joining my favourite girl characters line-up

Well, hope I get the chance to post a REAL picture of the bag some posts in the future!



Anonymous said...

I saw the exact same bag selling for RM100 at Bijou Bazaar last weekend.

Quirky lil thing, that Little Miss Marc.

NKxvii said...

i m hoping to get it for nothing=)
aaaaaaaaaahh mau pulang pg bazaar!
miss you guyssss

amalina.syazlin said...

Eh bukan di Jakarta you can get good bargain untuk designers ke? NK, my blog address dah tukar okay. Ke coretan-suka-suka.blogspot.com

NKxvii said...

i m not in jakarta!!!