Saturday, December 27, 2008

3rd day of boredom

BONUS QUESTION: Anybody know how I can make Payal disappear from this pic?

Todays activities:

Spent whole day shooting Cinderdude.God, I hope it turns out entertaining.
Had a girl accident.
Had dinner in Parsley with Aziz.
He went futsal, I went Phuket with B,P,S and her B.
Went novotel, bought a huge cookie and ate it while chilling in the lobby kononnya we guests la.
Hahaha.Had some adrenaline pumping action after that.
Shamelessly commented on my own photos on FB.

Here are my faves!!
You may see all the pics on Hanif's FB

....yes, they all feature me!
you wanna see the others get your ass over to his FB page la.
Worthit ok.

Ade gaye KAMI kan kan kan?


D said...

NK, your upper arms kelihatan sangat besar. sudah bertambah berat kah? :P

freNNy said...

a'ah ader gaya kami! smart2

NKxvii said...

dude those are muscles =P

D said...

iyehh. NK ber'muscle'. ahaha.