Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My ten day holidays start thursday.
Which means I shall start being bored tomorrow.
(Heck, I'm bored right now)

What am I supposed to do for ten freaking days here in Jogja without class and reports?
There is nothing to study for or obsess about.
Damn.Even freedom has its downsides.

So I decided to make a list of things I should probably do.

1. Spend an entire day in Jolie.
2. Go iceskating/bowling/pool/swimming.
3. Watch my long-on-hold Season 2 of Gossip Girls.
4. Re-watch Scrubs.All seasons.
5. Get a dye job.
6. Go salon-ing.
7. Attempt to walk to Malioboro.
8. Shoot a movie.Haha.
9. Do a photoshoot with a compact camera.(Org SLR semua balik)
10. Do a Josh Hartnett bus date with TransJogja.
11. Learn how to cook.
12. Go Solo waterpark.
13. Play basket/futsal.
14. Get a part time job.
15. Make generic birthdays cards for future use.
16. Bug Aziz for one whole day.
17. Settle my dedication cards.

Hmmm. And I shall blog everyday about what I do!
Wahahaha. Lame gila.


nama saye aNoi said...

Sy mahu besdei card!

D said...

What's a Josh Hartnett bus date?

NKxvii said...

You have to watch 40days and 40 nights to know what I mean.
I thought the idea was freaking awesome!

D said...

Dah tengok, but I don't remember hearing anything about a bus date in the movie. Ape cer?

NKxvii said...

dammit woman!
kan die bwk shanyn sosamon naik bus for like one whole day instead of a boring/standard lunch-movie or dinner-movie thingy.
maybe i m biased but i thought it was super cute.
and unusual.
i like unusual.

D said...

hmm. 40days 40nights ni yg cerite vapire tu kan?yg josh hartnett sacrifice diri sendiri jd vampire utk slmtkn org lain tu kn?i rmmbr that the movie was awesome, but i dont recall anything bout a bus date.which goes to show that i dont find the idea of a bus date 'super cute'.but then again,maybe its bcoz i dont like josh hartnett?hahaha.
ape aku merapu ni.

Anonymous said...

I adoreeeeeeee josh hartnett. :)

NKxvii said...

me too me too
aaaaaah joshy

D said...