Thursday, December 25, 2008

1st day of boredom

Woke up 12 noon.
Lunch Pak To and Ibu jus.Watched Pineapple Express.
Walked to Rinjani, only to discover it was closed.
Took bike to see Aziz and saved Dexter from being stuck.
Went Wulandari for a much needed Creambath.
Went Hani's for Payal's Xmas Dinner.
Decided to play pool but Black Canyon was closed at 10.
Went Caesar, discovered it was closed for Xmas.
Went back Saphir to have chillo at Ooh La La.
Watched Speed Racer.
Realized what a shit ass lame entry this is.
and oooh, do I love Choc Mint!!

But I will keep to my resolution!

May tomorrow be more promising.

1 comment:

saydino said...

hidup kau sgt busan.
balek la sini.
belanje aku