Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rainbow Republic reconvenes!

Rainbow Republic's back.
Revised, revamped with some new faces and line changes.

Our new goalie!

New gorgeous super confident secret weapon!

Supporter yang dipaksa main akhirnya!

Same old-same old.

Our drama mama!!

Welcome to Kechik and Clemency sorry xdek gambar korg kot.Wahahaha

Sape nak datang support sile bawak banner wahahaha x pun pakat pakai colour same=)
Planet futsal.Saturday.9am-wrap.

Cheerleader wannabes please make an appointment for interviews/audition with Kuden and Geetha.



Kurt Kuden said...

hahah jahat muka aku
cam haram haha

doyot said...

Go Rainbow Republic..=)warna tema ape weyy..