Sunday, November 16, 2008

futsal status!!

nope, no placing.

but we all played superbly i think.
clean game, no emo episodes. everyone kept their cool.

and at least we can say we did not lose to the champs!
seri ok.nasib or skill, i have no idea, just thankful=)

Bandung team deserved it. Whatever said and done, they were a very strong team with amazing skill and tenacity.
Surabaya was an awesome match too! Great defense and sportmanship.
We learned a lot from participating this time.

To my rainbow team,
We had our superb moments too kan?
Pape pun, yang penting we gave our very best.
(pics to follow hopefully)


freNNy said...

Surabaya was an awesome match too! Great defense and sportmanship.>>>>> oh siapa kah great defender tu ?? wondering who she is? hahahhahahhahha....nk berkenalan leh?? wei jogja maen bagus ! keep up d good work! best sgt korang support srbaya for finals arituh even kalah (pancet dorghhh! after bali (semi) trus finals plak!

bestla karnival sukan jogja! NK jd MC for dinner..hehehe..

dtg surabaya plak NK ! mkn jco semata2..hahahaha

rean said...

nak jersey mcm budak bandung boleh tak??
jersey derang lawaaa sesangat!
sabtu ni nak g futsal? XD

NKxvii said...

boleh jek wey rean hahaha nnt aku tanye yg lain!

NKxvii said...

thanx fren wahahaha
nnt la aku ade sore ko tgk aku in action lg best=)