Wednesday, June 18, 2008

7 digits

I shall start a new label today.

MM complaints

question :
who thinks it is imperative that your significant other memorizes your hp number?
and should it be BOTH numbers for the non-locals?

comment here=)

*MM stands for Mere Males!I think NEW IDEA(or one other of me mom's mags) coined this phrase.I loooved reading all the anecdotes sent it from women all over bitching/jeering about the men in their lives.
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Arifah said...

Hey babe. ;0

NKxvii said...

ceh agree/disagree la!

but heyya back=)

♥CruelaBum♥ said...

nad.. i agree with this!! hahahah. they are indeed obliged to store those 7 digits in their head. hahahha.

Phaik Hsia said...

i wanna agree...
we'd definitely remember theirs...but it doesn't seem like it's natural for a guy's mind to be able to, hehe...