Saturday, March 29, 2008

freedom of speech?

It iritates me to no end when I blog-hop and I see bloggers use the standard defence of
"This is my blog.I have the right to write whatever I wish in it,"
"Everybody is entitled to their own opinion,"
"Haven't you heard of the freedom of speech?"

Please do not misuse that right so blatantly.And since everybody is entitled to their own opinion than why not your readers?They have equal right to express their opinion be it in swear words or politely disguised rudeness.
And btw.Freedom of speech does not work like that.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights , adopted in 1948, provides, in Article 19, that:
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
It does not exempt you from criticism from others.It does not exempt you from taking responsibilities for your action/words.If you did/said it, then you should have the common sense to realize that you and you alone are held reliable should the comment be perceived as negative or vindicative to others.If you come across as uneducated,naive,bitchy, etc etc, is it not your own fault for others are judging you based on what you did/wrote?

, berani buat sile berani tanggung.

But readers who comment irrelevantly in form of insults to the personality of the blogger should also be ashamed. If you feel unhappy/outraged/feel that the blogger is not well versed in what he/she is saying or there is some fault in their opinion, there are better ways to express it rather than "You are such a slut," or "You so bodoh la,tak belajar ke?" or "I hope you get raped" etc.

Come on la.
We did not go to ten years of basic language education for nothing.
I sincerely believe the best way to make an insult more effective is to exercise tact.
Anyone can be plain rude,but it takes talent to insult people politely.
Of course there might be cases in which the people you mean to insult may not get it, but why would you wish to stoop to their level intelligence,or lack of?

Blogger: "Kalau tak suke what i tules,tak payah la bace"
You reply: "Kalau u bodoh,tak payah la tules"

Simple but effective you say?
It sum up what you think and you may sound brilliant to yourself but ask yourself what is the point?Clearly the blogger will get riled and then insult you.No points for anyone.The matter at hand is still what he/she wrote/said/did isn't it?
Not that I haven't made that mistake=)

Is it not better to address what u find unsettling or untrue and politely ask him/her to justify themselves?

Although I do find that statement true to some effect should it not conflict with the berani buat sile berani tanggung law.
It really is that simple.
You want to kutuk people on your blog, sure do it, it is your personal space/online diary/whatever.But please do not get majorly upset when people say/do the same about you.

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rean said...

other than the writers' bad habit of saying what ever they feel like it in their blog, there's also readers who commented without even finished reading the entry. especially entries with kinda controversial issue. they just get defensive melulu, and give out insulting comments that most of the times don't even related to the real topic (and being anonymous). which is funny, and frustrating at the same time.