Wednesday, November 26, 2008

nothing like it

Its been a while since I've posted any random musings. But something Dinie wrote struck a chord with me the other day. I've been with my significant other almost three years now so its been a loooong while since I've had a crush on anybody that could actually lead to somewhere.

And you know what, I miss it.

Don't get me wrong, I love knowing there's always someone who'll meet me for dinner, come what may. I love knowing I'll get flowers on our special occasions. I love having somebody who'll pick up the phone and listen to me whine late at night. I love having somebody who'll come over and baby me if I fall sick.
I love having somebody I can count on, irritate,bully, whine, torture and threaten no matter what.
(Ok, I definitely dramatized some stuff- nobody's that perfect!=))

But then there's that heady, giddy, absofcukinglutely floating on cloud 9 feeling when that guy I've been eyeing finally replies my flirty messages.
There's that school girl giggling and blush to my cheeks when I see him pass by and my friends tease me about it.
There's that passionate gazing at his perfect retreating back, flawless smile, gorgeous eyes and other miniscule details that only I notice.
There's that fidgety impatience when I check my phone a gazillion times waiting.
There's that insanely unbearable moments staring at the send button.
And then there's that gnawing hole inside when I see pictures of him and his girlfriend.
There's that dull pain that refuses to go away when I realize he's not going to reply anymore.
There's that sharp pang that hits me out of nowhere when I'm with my friends and he passes by.
There's that devastating ache that comes automaticly when you hear a heartbreak song and realize its perfect for you.
That's why they say there's no love like unrequited love.
It gives you the highest possible highs and the lowest possible lows.

It hurts, it sucks and it might feel like forever but it will get easier.
The moment you wonder if the hurt is ever going to end is often the day you'll realize it has.
And there will be a day when you'll realize an entire day has gone by and you did not think of him at all.
Just when you thought the hurt would destroy you, you realize that it has only made you stronger.

Cliche as it is, I sincerely believe you need to meet a few "bad" guys so that you'll know when its the right one.

I've had my share of beautiful disasters.
I've soared, crashed, burned, and picked myself up after.
I've made the same mistakes more than twice.
I've learned what I was supposed to and then some.

And I still wouldn't change a thing.


NKxvii said...

ps: I love you, Mr. Significant Other. Please remember I might miss it but don't mean I would rather do without you.

D said...

You spoke so well for me (and million other girls) with your entry NK. Everything you said is completely true.

But I kept reading and re-reading this line over and over again:

And there will be a day when you'll realize an entire day has gone by and you did not think of him at all.

That is indeed, the truest of them all. I only realized that after I read that line.

I used to think about him all the time, because everything reminded me of him (*gag*). Even if that thing had nothing to do with him at all, I would always find a way to connect it to him. Without fail. Hmm.

But now, weeks can pass by without a single teeny thought of him!

Except when he would message me asking 'Wutcha doin?'.

Now I am no longer the lovesick girl who go jumping all over the place just because he is thinking of me.

I am cured from him.

NKxvii said...

good for you d!
hahahaha another d in my life ke?

D said...

what did u mean by 'another d'?

NKxvii said...

i call my best bud here D tuuu hahaha as in Dikky

Anonymous said...


i've found my "THE ONE"( i think so). but sometimes the temptation around me is so hard to,the guy im spying on is giving the +ve response and i am overwhelmed by it.

but all in all, i guess i just miss the flirting moment and BEING IN LOVE..=)

D said...

malas nak tulis name,so tulis 'D' je laa. hehe.

melia said...

Having a crush that crushed back. Amaaaaaazing feeling. :D