Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The unevitable

Its back to Jogja this Sunday!
Dammit.5weeks felt way shorter this time around.
As much as I am looking forward to the unlimited freedom that awaits me in Jogja, there is much to be missed here in Malaysia.
The car.
The comfort eating binges.
The darling ever so baik hati driver.
The breakfastses.
The family.
Who else is gonna force me to wake up so I'll send them to school.
Who else is gonna bug me to drive them to the playground.
Who else is gonna do my bidding?
Everybody's growing up so fast too.
I've settled for probably being the shortest in the family.


and I'm plucking up the courage to ask for an early graduation present.

Canon EOS 1000D (Rebel XS/ Kiss F)

Please please please come delivered by my smiling parents on my graduation day.
Yes I know zero-nil-jack-shit about handling a dSLR.
UPDATED: asked.no definites.an awesome transition car isn't really MY grad present is it? SIGH. maybe I'll just have to wait til my 1st paycheck.


d said...

everybody wants a sdlr nowadays eh?
i want one too!
but like you aptly said it,
i also know 'zero-nil-jack-shit' bout how to use and handle one.

d said...

eh.ur graduation brp thn lg?
lmbt lg kan?
by that time,mesti dslr ni mcm kamera yg pki film tu je.

NKxvii said...

siyooot nx year wokeh=)
i mean provided xdek sgkut tat is!

nuha thedarling ever so baik hati driver said...

'The darling ever so baik hati driver.'
im going to miss u too,
whoelse going to follow me willingly around kl on wikend,

♥CruelaBum♥ said...

hey! i guess we have the same passion towards dslr. i've always wanted to have the opportunity to have a possession of that lil gadget. regardless of the fact that i dnt even knw how to operate it in a proper way, i do still crave for it.

Naemmommy said...

i also apparently craving for a dslr too!!! :)