Sunday, September 21, 2008

Magelang Roadtrip

Dikky was kind enough to invite us to his house in Magelang (finally!!) for the weekend. Being the darling punctual person that he is, he arrived sharp at 8 am driving his oh-so-berjasa-to-us Kijang. But hey, a girl looks best after she just gets up right?
(Cue understanding gasps from all womankind and much muttering/groaning from mankind and an anticipated tension from dumbasses)

Ugliness is no sin, bad taste is.

So, Ta-daaaaa!!

What's a roadtrip without in-the-car pics?

the co-pilot

Darling Punctual Dikky, Super Supir
notice how the grass is greener on my side?PUN intended

the others
non-functional peruts who just came for free food

trying to fit everybody in

Funny faces
Kuden pushed Geetha away from the frame!

The wajib shot

And now....
Precious moments!


Dikky's baby sister's clique
We think girl in brown likes Haneef!!


totally unplanned ok!!
tapi bukan yang pertama kali kan di?haha

Kuden caught on camera fixing his precious hair

Budak bandar x pernah jumpe sawah

More budak bandar jakun action

watching Dikky's super granma tangkap a humongous keli

COMING UP: Reasons why I badly want an SLR.


Anonymous said...

Nice sawahhhh!
Haritu pergi bali pun batak2 ambik gambar sawah haha

Kurt Kuden said...


NKxvii said...

standard reaction kot org kl/selangor yg xdek kampung=)