Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time better spent?

Screw the earlier entry. I've decided to write a totally nonsensical story.

Once upon a time, there was this girl who was kinda hungry. Not ravenous-hungry, mind you, just kinda hungry because all she had for dinner yesterday was about 12 sticks of chocolatos. Plus she knew that she would just be plain bored if she went immediately went back home. Having a bf/significant other/person she was currently dating available, she decided to ajak him go lunch. After all it was only 11+ in the morning and she knew he didn't really have anything to do until 12. So she asked him. He said he was waiting for a friend and and after that go lunch. Since that friend was also her friend, she decided to wait too. After spending about 10minutes just walking around and doing nothing while waiting, she finally asked him again.
He wanted to go somewhere she didn't.
So she just decided to go home and bitch about how she totally wasted 10 minutes doing nothing.
And how she's still kinda hungry even after finishing the other 12 sticks of chocolatos.
And how if her bf/significant other/person she was dating was smart and totally awesome, he would hurry up and finish his minor surgery and cathether osce practice and buy what she wanted for lunch and deliver it to her door just to make her happy.
After all, it is ONLY the third time this week he made her pissy. And she did ajak him go dinner numerous times yesterday but he said he was tired and lazy. So she let it go and thought "wth hey, there's still tomorrow right?"
I mean surely he heard the sarcastic "never mind" she said when he said "are u sure?" rite?
However being an expert on men being just men,the girl realized the chances of this happening is next to nil because men just don't learn.

Plus it simply is not something he would have been able to think of on his own. Or atleast thats what she thinks.Unless of course some amazing friends of theirs would chance upon this nonsensical slightly pissy-toned entry and showed it to him. Or by sheer luck he decides to actually just check on her blog after seeing her "i want a new bf" status on ym.
Fat chance.
Also being an expert of men being men, the girl realized the bf/significant other/person she is currently dating will just get pissed when he reads this because "oh you only write about all the bad stuff i do" and "can't u understand i was busy" and "it always has to be done your way doesn't it?"
But she's hungry.
And bored.
And totally refuses to go out on her own because she's stubborn, vindicative and immature.
And all she's fueled on is 24 sticks of chocolatos.
Blame the chocolatos.

BAD, BAD chocolatos!

And she realizes she'll most probably have to go apologize to the bf/significant other/person she is currently dating later.But now she's just gonna sleep and hope that knock on the door that wakes her up is his.With lunch.


Anonymous said...

bf/significant other/person

love those options!

It's either they just don't learn, or we're just too messed up. Hoh.

NKxvii said...

yeh.girls ALWAYS over analyze everything.hehe
we made up btw.he didnt read my blog,just ym status

toybesh! said...

men are insensitive!

Anonymous said...

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