Monday, August 18, 2008

my most favourite movie ever


Released in 1995, I was 9 so I obviously did not watch/even knew about it then. I was ten when I saw it for the 1st time on TV3 blockbusters or whatever it was called. I remember patiently waiting for the 2nd half after the midnight news.
It's been 12years and I have completely lost count of how many times I've watched it since then.
I still scream NOOOO out loud when John Doe taunts Mills in the car.
My hands still go completely cold when the delivery van comes into the sight.
I still fervently hope that its not Tracy's head in it.
I still ball my hands into fists torn between wanting Mills to shoot the sick bastard or let him go to court.
And I still think Brad Pitt is oh-so-comel when he cries.

Watching it again nowadays totally gives me a whole new appreciation for the fine acting.
Like how Brad Pitt looks super real and tortured when he's aiming at the perp's head. And how I can so see the resigned look and fear when John Doe is aiming the gun at his head in the rain.
And how I really bought Gywneth Paltrow was like such a wallflower type.I remember thinking "Wtf?Couldn't she be more feisty or have more character??".I never thought much of her as an actress until I watched Sylvia.
Morgan Freeman is well, Morgan Freeman. Totally delivers every time.I so love the way he speaks.
Kevin Spacey had the quiet, eerie and distinct tone of a self-righteous deluded intelligent psychopath down just right.

I also love how this movie makes the macabre seem so artistic. There are plenty of references to great literary Milton's Paradise Lost, Dante's Inferno, The Divine Comedy, Equinuus, Marque de'Sade, books I've only heard about but have never gotten the chance to see, much less read. Each of the murders depicted are unarguably sick, but very very very undeniably also a work of art.My favourite is PRIDE.

Do you remember this movie?If no, watch it AGAIN. If you have never watched it then hurry out and borrow a copy. It's not your typical horror/ psychological thriller with a shitty plot,and/ or shitty actors or actresses that are usually clad in see-through undies with huge boobs and/or shitty climaxes. The story is solid and the acting is gold. WATCH IT!!!

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nadiawani said...

watched it a couple of times already and my abs fav is SLOTH!!! ngeee geli