Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So Kuden tells me Centro ( Indonesia's version of Jusco, Metrojaya, Tang's) will be hosting a sneaker drawing competition and he insisted I should try my luck. He said he immediately thought of me and my love for conteng-conteng sangka kreatif past time and insisted I give it a try.
I thought what the heck. Who knows kan, paling busuk maybe I'll get some consolation prize or doorgift plus I am currently super super free.
So me,Geetha,Swarna decided to go catch a movie and ask Centro for the details.
Unfortunately The Mummy's tix were sold out for the day.
So we headed to Centro where I saw the Customer Service guy I know. Being super familliar with the guy, I strolled up confidently and asked about the details of the competition.
Were the materials provided? What type of sneakers were we to draw on? Prizes?
He then asked, "Kamu punya keponakan ya yang mahu masuk?"

For you non-Indonesian-language understanding people that means niece or nephew.

As I stood there blankly with my mouth open the horrible truth dawned on me.

This guy I know then says "Iya.Cuman untuk anak2 umur 7-11 tahun,"


So to cover malu, I pointed out it was not stated in the pamphlet.
He thanked me for my observation and said he would rectify the matter.


ana said...

HAHAAAHA..aku gelak besa sorang2 depan kom okeh?!AHAHAHH...walaupon ni post zaman bile tah..u made my day lA todayyy...AHAHAH..still gelak.muke cover malu AHAHHA

NKxvii said...

hahahaha welcome!