Monday, July 7, 2008

good to be home

I just spent a weekend in Melaka with good friends, good walks, and good, good food.
Asam pedas sampai kena halau.
Damn cheap seafood next to those keji upgraded mat rempit group.
Starbucks with gossiping on the side.
Satay kajang that was hell to park.

Well, I still would be very much happier if we could go Penang, but the not driving can't very well do the choosing rite? And I left my dodol. How me. And unfortunately The-shop-I-will-not-name in Umbai took ages to serve us so we missed Jonker Street.But not like we went there early anyway.Hahahaa.

Nuha, Ayu, Noshi, Wexx ingat janji SIPADAN!!!

*Pics soon to follow hopefully.Hahaha


hasANah haLim said...

why lah awak tak ctct kite??
kecik ati aa cengginie..
bile balik jogja?

dinie said...

weh.aku jeles tak dapat ikot korg gi melaka.sobs.

ayumin said...

jeles kan kan?
asam pedas was awesomeeeeeeee

nuhahahahaha said...

pictures soon to follow..hopefully tuh
mcm ditujukan utk aku je
ake br transfer smlm
nntlaa aku bg
or email