Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I miss Malaysia

Places i MUSTmustMUST go when i am back!
  1. My fav mamak in Tmn Ehsan.Roti canai,roti pisang,tosai!
  2. My fav nasi lemak shop in Damansara.
  3. My fav burger Ramly stall.
  4. My fav nasi goreng kampung in Damansara.
  5. The nasi briyani near Mum's office.
  6. Nice Granma's house for scrumptious Minang hom cooked meals.
  7. Secret Recipe.Raspberry cheesecake!
  8. Big Apple.Lets see how u compare to JCo.
  9. Kenny Rogers.Original mufffffins!
  10. A&W floats and Curly fries.
  11. McD's breakfast.Sausage McMuffins!
  12. Manhattan Fish Market.Nothing specific.
  13. KFC Zinger and I would like to try the XXXL burger too.heh.
  14. Starbucks.Java Chip Frap and choc cake!
  15. Mydin.Japanese cheese cake,Anlene yogurt!
  16. 1901.Texas Ted extra cheese!
  17. Auntie Anne's pretzels!
  18. Famous Amos fresh made cookies!
  19. Chilli's.Choc molten!
  20. THE CURVE many fine restaurants.Ayu you promised!!!!
  21. How could I forget??My fav Tomyam,daging masak merah and kailan ikan masin shop!
I is hungry.


dins said...

Kenape semue tempat makanan? ;p

♥CruelaBum♥ said...

dat is such a long list for u babe..=) it seems that u really miss malaysia, dont u? hehe

ayu said...

and we should go have CUPCAKES at d'lish midvalley. SEDAPPPPP GILAAA. Ohh and do try out the Classic Choc Cake and Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova from Delicious..SINFUL.
And Tapas from Bakerzin too!

ok come home NOW youuuu

NKxvii said...

when r u gonna invite me to ur blog dammit?

u hv no idea how much i wish tat was possible babes..SABAR june is coming!!

me yg lapar. said...

wah wah wah..
sumenye tempat makanan...
dtg lh cni..
i'll treat u ikan bakar.

ayumin said...

there's a WHITE choc molten now! too sweet for my liking though, and feels less sinful coz its white LOL

NKxvii said...

sape me yg lapar?=)